All Areas of Criminal Defense 


With over 20 years of experience practicing Criminal Defense, Steve Spiegelman has taken and resloved all types of Criminal Cases. From simple possesion of controlled substances to DUI murder charges, Steve acheives the best results for his cilents, from dismissals to lesser chargers than the State has charged. The Law Office of Steve Spiegelman gives the best defense for your case. 



Being charged with a DUI is never a simple process. Guilty or not the police report weighs heavy against you. The Law Office of Steve Spiegelman starts by evaluating the legitimacy of the report and seeing if the stop was lawful or a violation of your 4th Amendment Right. 


After the evaluation of the stop we start by attacking the Breath and/or Blood test taken after the stop. The validity of the test is always in question, whether the police had actual consent or if they needed a search warrant to obtain the sample. This can lead to lesser charges or dismissal if the police abused this process. The Law Office of Steve Spiegelman has won motions against police who have wrongfully used their power to obtain a Blood Sample, thus getting the Blood knocked out of the State's case. We have a line up of experts who evaluate the Blood and Breath Samples and confirm the poilce used valid machines that were untampered with and not out-of-date. Call us today to defend your alleged DUI charge. 

Medical Marijuana/ Drug Charges


Whether your marijuana grow or drug possesion was legal or illegal The Law Office of Steve Spiegelman presents your case with the best defense. Many cases start with defending your 4th Amendment Right. Police violate this right over and over again and if they did., Mr. Spiegleman will find it. 


Issues with these cases stem from simple posting of reccomendations to having over the legal limit of marijuana allowed to possess. We attack police misconduct and are able to reduce felony cahrges to misdeameoners, or dismissals based on certain circumstances. Steve prides himself with the defense of Marijuana cases and will not settle for anything less than the best results. Just becaue you didnt have the medical reccomendations posted does not mean that you are subject to punsihment.  We will defend your case with the best defense there is, with experts to determine the validity of the amount you are charged with and the legtimancy of the police process of determing the marijuana or drugs you are alleged to have possessed. Please call today to start you defense.


All Serious Misdemeanors and Felonies


The criminal offense you are charged with is defensibe, whether it can lead to a dismissal or a lesser charge. The Law Office of Steve Spiegelman has defended Domestic violence, Burglaries, Roberies, Sex Crimes, Gang, Manslaughter and Murder charges and has acheived the best results possible.


Your charge does not mean you are guilty. It means the State belives they have sufficent evidence to prove Beyond a Resonable Doubt, which is not always the case. Steve has defended all types of cases over the past 20 years and has acheived the maximum results for each case. We never settle unless its the best results for you. Steve is not afraid to go to Trial for your rights, Call us today to start forming a defense for your case.