The Law Office of Steve H. Spiegelman 


Steve Spiegelman is a Northern California native and has been practicing law in Sonoma County for over 20 years.


Steve has been involved in the defense of Medical Marijuana and other drug cases since the passing of Prop 215 in 1996, representing caregivers, patients, cooperatives, collectives, clubs and most notably was council for the first Medical Marijuana acquittal in Sonoma County in 2001.



Mr. Spiegelman also specializes in all facets of Criminal Defense and regardless the situation, he has a universal reputation for respect and compassion for all clients.


Call to set up a free consultation or send us a notice located on our "Contact Us" page. 



  4th Amendment: I do not consent to any search or seizure of myself, my home or my car. Do not ask me about my ownership interest in any property.


 5th Amendment: I request you do not ask me any questions without my attorney present.



  All serious felonies and misdeamenors, Federal and State, in all counties of California: 
  • DUI
  • All drug offenses 
  • All White Collar offenses
  • Domestic Violence 
  • Manslaughter 
  • Murder
  • Prop 47 reductions
  • Expungements
  • Medical Marijuana Collectives


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